Machine Verification - A to Z Online

Machine Verification - A to Z Online

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Step 1: Register for the AtoZ Course. You will receive an email acknowledging your registration.

Step 2: Complete the assignment.  You will need to upload proof that you have attained a machine through our rental partners or purchased the iSteno app.  You will not be able to continue in the course until this assignment has been received and processed. If you have submitted proper proof you will receive a pass into the rest of the course.

Step 3:  The remainder of the course will not open until October 7, 2022.  At 12:00 pm Eastern time, there will be a live Welcome Session. Please plan to attend if at all possible to get any of your questions answered.  It should be no more than thirty minutes.  It will be recorded for those that are unable to attend live.

***Course Schedule***



Week 1

Module 1, Introduction lesson through Lesson 4

Week 2

Module 2, Lessons 5 through 9

Week 3

Module 3, Lessons 10 through 13

Week 4

Module 4, Lesson 14 through 17

Week 5

Module 5, Lessons 18 through 22

Week 6

Module 6, Lessons 23 through 26, What’s Next


Machine/App Verification
Machine/App Verification
Graded as Pass/Fail | Due Date: 10/20/2022
Graded as Pass/Fail | Due Date: 10/20/2022 Please upload proof of steno machine rental or a screen print of your iSteno App. If you have borrowed a machine please send a picture of the top and bottom of the machine.