Hybrid Deposition Techniques

Recorded On: 07/31/2021

Participants will learn multiple equipment options to improve depositions where some attendees are in person and some are remote. Each option will be explored to discuss the pros and cons of each and how it will affect the record. Speaker will explore questions that can be asked pre-deposition to make sure things run smoothly. Total CEU  0.1. Product will expire 30 days from registration.

Andrea Kreutz

Andrea Kreutz, CLVS, has been a firm owner and legal videographer in Iowa since 2015. Her dad was a court reporter and firm owner for almost 50 years. Kreutz spent 15 years as a computer programmer before joining the exciting field of litigation, and she is excited to participate in the CLVS group. She believes there are many very talented and knowledgeable people who are on the cutting edge of technology in legal video. andreak@huneyvaughn.com

Robert Butcher, CLVS

Robert Butcher is a 10-year Legal Video and Trial Presentation Veteran and owner of Professional Legal Video. As the Chief Operations Officer, Robert cultivates his passion for the process by providing top quality services in litigation support from discovery through trial. Utilizing the latest equipment and software, Robert and the PLV team offer innovation and cutting-edge services to the legal community.

Robert holds degrees and certificates in Legal Video, Trial Presentation, Graphic Design, Video Production, Web Design, and is a Part 107UAV Drone Pilot. An admitted serial student, Robert continues to enrich his knowledge through online education and certificate education courses, continually striving to deliver his clients the best.

Robert, originally form Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a long time Colorado transplant.  Happily married to the lovely Julie Butcher and proud father of 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Outside of the workplace he finds his joy spending time with his family in the outdoors boating, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding and fishing. 


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