Making Your Videographer Your Partner

Recorded On: 01/12/2022

In this session, high-tech court reporter Mike Hensley, RDR, asks legal videographers and NCRA members Andrea Kreutz, CLVS, and Justin Donnelly, CLVS, all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask your videographer and never had the time. Together, they will help you find good settings for your audio and video in your in-person and Zoom depositions, as well as best practices for working together.   Total CEU 0.1. Product will expire 30 days from registration.

Andrea Kreutz

Andrea Kreutz, CLVS, has been a firm owner and legal videographer in Iowa since 2015. Her dad was a court reporter and firm owner for almost 50 years. Kreutz spent 15 years as a computer programmer before joining the exciting field of litigation, and she is excited to participate in the CLVS group. She believes there are many very talented and knowledgeable people who are on the cutting edge of technology in legal video.

Michael Hensley

Mike Hensley is a freelance deposition reporter in the California Bay Area. From the moment he earned his license, he has hit the ground running in order to take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. His experience of becoming a reporter through online schooling has given him a unique perspective that he uses to encourage other reporters to perform at their optimum capability.

Justin Donnelly


Video - Making Your Videographer Your Partner
Recorded 01/12/2022  |  60 minutes
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