Tools to Separate Personal and Work Lives

Includes a Live Web Event on 06/07/2023 at 12:00 PM (EDT)


Take a tour of tools and techniques you can use to better separate your work life from your personal life, not only physically, but digitally too.


  • Double no trouble: The case for doubling up your life to simplify it.
  • Get physical: make your office.
  • Your digital workspace: your "office" isn't just physical.
  • Work email vs. Personal email.
  • Work phone numbers: apps and services.
  • Work browser vs. Personal browser.

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This is a live webinar and will be recorded for those unable to attend live.  Registrations expire 30 days after live event.

Hector Cordova

Hector Cordova helps you make your technology work for you. Hector lives at the intersection of art and technology, highlighted by his diverse work experiences such as his years at Apple and his years coaching performers all the way to Broadway.


Hector brings his unique blend of technological prowess and performing arts expertise to his professional life as Managing Director for Alitigate, a legal media and tech firm based in Orlando, Florida. Between leading Alitigate to success, filming hundreds of videos and presenting in hundreds of trials each year for some of the nation’s largest firms, Hector serves on two NCRA committees: the CLVS Council, and the Technology Committee.


Tools to Separate Personal and Work Lives
06/07/2023 at 12:00 PM (EDT)  |  60 minutes
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